Drink Me

Original, one of a kind
98 cm x 139.5 cm
Stretched canvas over frame
Ready to hang

98 x 139.5 x 4.5 cm (unframed)


£600.00 Now £400.00


This artwork is shipped to you by Tim Thomson, and will be packged in a cardboard box. Artworks are dispatched within 3 working days from United Kingdom.

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Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, anime, alternative fashion and Pop Art.

Intaglio ink monoprint on un-primed canvas, stretched over a board on a frame, then painted with watercolours.

For a themed exhibition there was a net hanging in front of the work featuring a print of a rabbit skull (as can be seen in the photos). This will be included (unless requested otherwise), but is completely optional and not necessary to complete the work.

The canvas itself is 98 x 139.5 x 4.5 cm

The net is approx. 2 metres wide by 5-6 metres long, with the image taking about 2 metres at the top of the fabric.

Due to the quality of canvas, the board and the frame, this piece is quite heavy and requires screwing in to the wall via mirror-plates attached on each of the four sides. These can be taken off if you have a preferred method of hanging, but please be aware that it is a heavy piece.

Shipping is essentially free, but there is a small postage cost to cover packaging materials.

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