Hand Threaded Twiggy

Thread, nails on painted plywood

40 x 40 x 1.2 cm (unframed)




This artwork is shipped to you by Imogen Morris, and will be packged in a cardboard box. Artworks are dispatched within 7 working days from United Kingdom.

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Hand-threaded portrait art. Edition of three, two available. I am influenced by the traditional craft of hand-embroidery but my style of work puts a contemporary spin on threadwork. My method of making consists of wrapping thread around nails which pinpoint the contours of the face to build up a mesh-like form made up of triangles. I build up layers and layers of these triangles to detail the subjects' features and create depth to the image. I portray women as my subjects, specifically those who are particularly inspirational in the arts. Those that have been ground-breaking in their field. I make portraits that depict the character behind the features. Here Twiggy is excitable, playful and expressive.

 My work is both bold but fragile. While the triangular forms in the subject’s face are strong and harsh, they contrast with the delicacy in the materiality of the thread itself. The accurate portrayal of the face combined with the depth of the nails creates a sense of character in my subjects’ face. As an artist I pride myself on portraying the emotion in my portraits through the medium of thread.

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